Meta Commerce (Facebook Catalog)


How to create Facebook Catalog in Meta Commerce

Visit your “Catalog Manager” and create one or more Facebook Catalogs (if you don’t already have any). You can have several catalogs in your Facebook Catalog Manager, and when you create each of them, you can choose where you want each product to link.

Currently, you have three alternatives:

  1. Checkout on Facebook
  2. Link to your external website (for instance your WooCommerce, Shopify, or eBay cart)
  3. Link to Facebook Messenger or Instagram Direct, if you just want to have a communication with your clients.

Once you have at least one Facebook Catalog active, you can log in to your Meta Commerce account in Nembol.


At this time Nembol does not list product variations on Meta Catalog.

When a product has more than one variant, the current Nembol-Meta Catalog integration creates a Meta Catalog entry using one of the variants. Sellers may then use Meta functions to add missing variants.

How to connect Meta Commerce to Nembol

This is how you connect the correct Catalog to your Nembol account.

  1. Log to Nembol and open the Channels Tab
  2. Click on the rounded big + button top left. Here you can find the list of available channels
  3. Find Meta Commerce, and click on it
  4. You will be taken to Facebook. Click on “Continue as + your Name
  5. Click on “Choose what you Allow
  6. Deselect every business page, except for the one that has the Catalog you want to publish the products to.
  7. Click “Confirm“. You will be taken back to Nembol
  8. In Nembol, select the specific catalog 
continue as.. facebook

Click on the blue link in the middle of the screen to choose the catalog.

grant permissions to facebook

Fully Authorize Nembol to manage your catalog. Leave only one business page active.

Meta Commerce settings within Nembol

The settings within the Meta Commerce section in Nembol allow you:

  • To list on your Facebook Catalog of choice – this option will apply to future listings and can be changed in the future for additional product lots. Meta Commerce Catalogs can be added and edited as needed.
  • Select your desired currency  
  • Enter your brand – Nembol uses the brand field entry for each product, with an option for a default brand if the field is left blank.

If you connected the wrong business account, and you can’t see your Catalog, follow these steps to clear the connection between Facebook and Nembol, and start from scratch.


Screenshot 3: How Meta Commerce publish settings look like inside Nembol. Take five minutes to go through them and set.

Publish to Facebook Catalog

Now that your new channel is connected to Nembol, the process of listing products is as simple as for any other channel:

  1. Select one or multiple products in Nembol
  2. Click on the “Publish to” button
  3.  Select one or more channels
  4. Click on the blue button “Publish products
  5. Wait a few seconds 
  6. To see the result click on your product and then on the eye icon near the channel
list on fb instagram shops

Screenshot 4: How Facebook Catalog look like.

fb functions setup

Screenshot 5: Edit Products in your Facebook Catalog

Once this is complete, your catalog has to be approved by Facebook, which happens pretty quickly, and will be published on your Facebook page and Instagram account of choice.

Meta requirements

If you received errors while listing, check our troubleshooting page to find a fast solution ->